The Aevum Difference

Aevum Therapy is the most advanced topical skin product ever created! 

Aevum Therapy offers 2 primary delivery methods for its world class formulas, creams and transdermal patches.

Backed by science. Our team of product developers and formulators have a combined three decades of pharmaceutical, clinical research, biotechnology, healthcare and manufacturing experience.

Our Aevum Rx therapeutic skin care products are CBD based super anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial topical preparations that feature gold nanoparticles (GNPs) functionalized with D-Ribose, peptides, and Kitosan.

Aevum Rx spent over 7 years in development and emerged with the most advanced nanogold fabrication process possible.  This process is far more complex and superior to normal Nanogold processes and far less expensive.

Experience the difference quality makes with Aevum Therapy, where research meets results.