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Aevum Rx Broad Spectrum CBD Patch is the ultimate all-in-one dose of sustained relief. From minor aches to more serious conditions, this patch will have you feeling better all day long! With up to 48 hours of relief, you won't be stuck with hard choices when it's our THC vs. CBD.

All your pain management needs are satisfied with one smooth delivery system! The Aevum technology transmits compounds through your skin causing nerve cells to release endorphins that produce a sensation of pain relief for 24 hours at a time. It works faster and lasts longer than most efficiency-minded consumers desire--so make sure you keep an ample supply on hand at all times!

  • Referred to as a transdermal patch, a specialty adhesive delivery system enables the active ingredient to flow (diffuse) through the skin directly into the bloodstream.
  • The active ingredient is housed in the adhesive.
  • The adhesive is formulated specifically for the active ingredient to maximize the diffusion into the bloodstream.
  • Active ingredient passes directly to the bloodstream, bypassing the GI tract and stomach. FDA studies show that “when you take a pill, 80-90 % of the medication is destroyed by liver and GI tract” even as you ingest 100% of the dose, many times a day. With a patch, the active ingredient goes through the skin directly into the bloodstream without losing any medication.



Inert adhesives (acrylic and hydrocarbon copolymers), hemp derived 50mg Broad Spectrum Distillate (CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, 0% THC)

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At Aevum we use only the highest-quality ingredients available. Scientific studies show that the ingredients contained in all of our Aevum Rx Transdermal Patches and Creams are proven to make a noticeable impact on your body. A truly amazing product that must be tried to be believed, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee