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Aevum Rx offers industry leading Transdermal Patches and Medicinal Creams. Our products will have you feeling better all day long. All products are made with the highest quality ingredients in delivery methods that provide immediate relief.

Why Transdermal Patches?

Transdermal Patches are more bio-available than any other delivery method on the market! In each Transdermal Patch the active ingredient passes directly to the bloodstream, by-passing the GI tract and stomach. FDA studies show that “when you take a pill, 80-90 % of medication is destroyed by liver and GI tract” even as you ingest 100% of the dose.

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My husband I decided we can not live with out the B12 patch. It gives us amazing energy to get everything done without the crash. Love this awesome product! 

Holly D.
New Brunswick, NJ

My elderly friend gets debilitating migraines. So I purchased the patch for migraine relief and within minutes she felt better and was amazed how fast it worked. 

Shirley T.
Philadelphia, PA

My mother in law has a terrible time sleeping. She has tried every sleeping medicine on the market but they never work. She tried the melatonin patch and slept through the night with out restlessness.

Mary W.
New York, NY

I travel a lot for work and typically deal with sinus problems after constant travel. I've been taking Aevum Rx's Immunity Patch and it keeps me healthy and performing at my best while traveling.

Christopher B.
Destin, FL

I have struggled with RSL for years and have been desperate for a solution to help. Aevum Rx's RSL Cream has changed my life. For the first time in my life I have found relief.

Mark K.
Birmingham, AL

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